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Picasso 347 Series

Park West Gallery® holds the world's largest collection of works from the 347 Series

About Picasso’s 347 Series

The complete 347 Series is part of the permanent collection of the following museums and institutions:

In just seven months (March 16-October 5, 1968) Picasso engaged in a historical battle against the wave of conceptual and theoretical “art” that was the rage in avant-garde circles in the late 1960’s. He rejected the notions of “anyone can be an artist, and anything can be art,” -- the rallying cry of the conceptualists. Picasso resisted not through words, but through a herculean creativity that pointed the way back to aesthetic beauty, technical brilliance, and the narrative of art history: the building blocks of his life and art. It is doubtful that any artist will ever live again who will match this achievement. Consider that Rembrandt made approximately 300 etchings in his lifetime. Picasso made 347 in seven months.

The Market for Picasso 347 Series

Since its creation by Picasso more than 40 years ago the 347 Series has garnered interest by collectors, museums, dealers and historians. Picasso’s devotion and burst of energy into etching and engraving in the last years of his life has been equaled by no other artist. In the last decade, the works have experienced extraordinary attention amongst collectors, resulting in significant increases for the prices for the works at international auctions.

Our competitive pricing and focus on quality presents an excellent opportunity to collect a rare Picasso work.

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